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Perfect Host: 5 Top Tips for Hosting Brunch at Home | Journal19 | Clos19 US

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Perfect Host

5 Top Tips for Hosting Brunch at Home

Whatever the occasion, brunch is the perfect way to celebrate friends, family, and great food and drink. Discover our best tips to create an easy yet unforgettable brunch experience at home. The best part? No reservations needed.

1. Keep it simple

The key to a great brunch is to keep it simple; you want everything to look and feel as effortless as possible. Stick to dishes that you’re familiar with – you want to feel confident with the food you’re putting in front of your guests.

Serve a balance of savory and sweet dishes to cater to all palettes, and look to seasonal ingredients for a simple way to ensure each dish is bursting with fresh flavors.

2. Preparation makes perfect

The great thing about brunch is that there’s lots you can do in advance, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy with friends. Swap poached eggs and pancakes for dishes that you can assemble the night before, such as frittata, shakshuka and French toast. Pop them in the oven just before your guests arrive, and add some finishing touches such as berries and salads. Et voilà!

3. Don’t forget the décor

You want your home to be at its best when guests arrive. Clear the room that you have chosen to entertain in from any clutter, then pick a theme that ties in with the dishes you are cooking and decorate accordingly. The art of entertaining is in the details: fresh flowers and candles add a sophisticated touch, but be careful not to go overboard with your table décor, and leave room for all the beautiful dishes.

4. Set the Scene

How your table looks is just as important as what is on it. Plan your table in advance, coordinating your table settings, glassware, cutlery and napkins to create something that imbues elegance. Little details such as personalized place names will add a special touch (for more formal settings) that’s certain to delight guests, while a playlist with your favorite songs will add ambiance and set the mood to entertain.

5. Don’t forget the drinks

Increasingly, brunch is not just about the food, but equally a time to get creative with drinks. Opt for a champagne that dares to be different such as Veuve Clicquot Brut or, alternatively, add some fun with a mix of brunch-worthy cocktails. These can be batch-made prior to your guests arriving, and can equally make a great centerpiece. Go for something easy-drinking like a fruity Madame Burlesque or fresh Belvedere Rubin. Or try a modern twist on a classic such as the Polska Mary, adding a little beet juice to this brunch classic. Cheers!