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Hosting outside: picnic

There’s nothing quite as nice as being outside surrounded by nature with good food, family, friends, and something wonderful to drink. The Picnic is a pleasure par excellence and when done well, can feel as luxurious and decadent as a sit-down dinner. Once you’re out of the house, it’s hard to go back, so make sure you’ve planned every detail! Here’s your Clos19 guide to preparing the perfect picnic.


A picnic is no fun if there’s too much of a mess to clean up at the end. A pretty, lightweight box can serve as the perfect serving dish, and then double up as a container for any leftover food. Bring another for used cutlery and dishes, or you’ll be scraping off bits of potato salad from various places for weeks!

Choosing wines with a screw cap can also make picnic life that little bit easier, and save you fumbling around for the corkscrew – or even bringing one! Go for something vibrant, floral and fresh that will mirror your outdoor view, such as Terrazas de los Andes Torrontés. Alternatively, a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine offers the same convenience with a luxurious twist. Try a demi-sec with your fruit and dessert for the ultimate decadent feel.


Less is more when it comes to outdoor eating accoutrements; you don’t want to be carrying around too many heavy things. To this end, ditch the ice bucket and invest in an elegant champagne ice sleeve, guaranteed to keep your bubbles cool for up to two hours. Veuve Clicquot has solved this problem by offering bottles of its Brut NV and Brut NV rosé in a classic orange sleeve and a stylish hot pink little number, respectively. You could also throw in a bottle stopper so you can take home any leftovers – if you think there will be any. Sadly, glass flutes are a no-no in picnic baskets unless you want shards in your sandwiches, and you can’t drink champagne out of a tumbler of course; it’s just not the same. Luckily for outdoor imbibers, Veuve Clicquot has also created clear Acrylic Rich champagne glasses. If you’re after a more traditional shape with a modern twist however, then take a look at Moët & Chandon’s break-resistant champagne glasses in shiny gold and vibrant, metallic pink.