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5 Big Food Trends to Try

From meat-free to gut-friendly food and drink, find out more about five of the big food trends that are dominating bar and restaurant menus this year and, of course, what to pair them with.


  1. Go meat-free

While meat-free foods and vegetarianism aren’t exactly new trends, veganism, flexitarianism and plant-based diets have risen dramatically in the past year. New alternatives such as seaweed and mushrooms are becoming a popular basis for plant-based snacks. Foods like seaweed and mushrooms tend to cover a balance of sweet, sour, salt and umami flavors, which lend themselves to something delicate, with beautiful acidity. We suggest Ruinart Rosé Champagne for a subtle, palate-cleansing choice. Enjoy!

  1. Fried food

From fail-safe french fries to tempura vegetables, the trend for fried food shows no signs of slowing down. This will be seen through a cross-section of cuisines, with everything from Korean sweet potatoes with kimchi mayo to Sri Lankan-style fried vegetables and even deep-fried ice cream popping up on menus worldwide. Meanwhile, air-frying, a lighter and healthier method, is set to gain popularity. Try with light, unobtrusive champagnes such as Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut or Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label for a surprisingly satisfying pairing.

  1. Pacific Rim flavors

The flavors of Asia and Oceania that surround the rim of the Pacific are the source of another culinary trend for 2019. A mix of influences from Hawaiian, Filipino and Japanese cuisines see guava, star fruit and dragon fruit as the new hero ingredients for fruit bowls and smoothies. And poke bowls of raw fish with rice, vegetables and umami-packed sauces are proving a huge hit. Ruinart Blanc de Blancs works brilliantly with these subtle Asian flavors.

  1. Gut-friendly

Food and drink that focuses on gut health has been popular for a while now, and the trend is only gaining in momentum. No longer restricted to gut-friendly products that require refrigeration such as Kefir, pro-biotic waters and fermented drinks that offer healthy alternatives including traditional malt drinks, “living lemonades” and sparkling kombucha teas are also soaring and can work well in cocktails, such as the Kombucha Vodka Highball, which not only provides functional benefits but also opens up new flavor profiles and has a wonderfully fiery kick.

  1. Mushrooms

Known for their meaty flavor, mushrooms have become a staple in plant-based and plant-forward cooking, popping up in everything from poke bowls to burgers. Packed full of flavor, texture and nutrients including potassium, niacin, selenium and vitamin B, mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular as meat substitutes, while powder forms such as chaga (a variety of mushroom) are making their way into broths, smoothies and bowls. Try pairing with an oak-aged chardonnay or vintage champagne to really lift the dish and enhance its earthy, umami flavors. We suggest Dom Pérignon's superb 2002 vintage.