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What’s your champagne personality?

Every champagne has its own individual character but which one's right for you? Whether you’re a perfectionist in the style of Krug’s namesake and founder, a natural-born creative who’d relish Ruinart’s artistic side or one of life’s fun lovers rather like Veuve Clicquot, match your personality to one of our exceptional champagnes and find the best bubbles to suit your style.


The Hedonist

You're a firm believer that celebrations need champagne, so stock your wine fridge with Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut. Created from over 100 wines to enhance its complexity, this vibrant and elegant champagne is a symbol of celebration around the world. It was created in 1869, to pay tribute to the House’s relationship with Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte (hence the ‘Impérial’). But did you know it is also the bottle which started the sporting tradition of spraying champagne? That custom began in 1967 when racing driver Dan Gurney spontaneously celebrated victory in a race by spraying bubbles from the winner’s podium, in the small French town of Le Mans. Of course, if the hedonist in you likes a grand gesture, you can do the same with your bottle... but we think you’ll get even more pleasure from tasting the champagne!

The Fun Lover

As you like to keep things light-hearted, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut is the bottle for you. As the name suggests, the colour of its label (first used in 1877) makes this champagne instantly recognisable, and perfectly expresses the champagne’s bright personality, as well as the House’s exceptional wine-making skills. For while Yellow Label champagne is adored for its balance, strength, aromatic intensity and freshness, Veuve Clicquot doesn’t take itself too seriously (as you can tell by its playful selection of products). So make someone smile by gifting Veuve Clicquot in a personalised yellow arrow tin, or pour your bubbles into the House’s vivid yellow glasses, and enjoy with laughter and friends.

The Entrepreneur

You'll appreciate the pioneering nature of this champagne House’s namesake, 17th century monk, Dom Pérignon. An innovator in both vineyard and winery, he is renowned as the man behind méthode champenoise, the wine-making style of champagne. Today Dom Pérignon still honours the monk’s vision of crafting “the best wine in the world”. It creates only ever a vintage champagne, from the best grapes on the estate. Energetic and expressive, we think the 2010 vintage will particularly appeal to your entrepreneur’s single-minded side. Born in an exceptionally challenging year, this vintage’s strong personality reflects the House’s unwavering commitment to quality... doubtless a cause that is close to your heart.

The Perfectionist

For you, it has to be Krug Grande Cuvée – a champagne born from founder Joseph Krug’s dream to create the best possible champagne every year, regardless of the whims of the weather. With a purpose and resolve you’ll understand, the House has continued to honour his vision each year since 1843. Going beyond the notion of vintage, it blends each year’s ‘Édition’ from over 120 different wines from more than 10 different years, on its quest always to create “the most generous expression of champagne”. And with an elegant and expressive character, formed from a blend of 198 wines from 11 different years, we think the 168th Édition will certainly satisfy the idealist in you.

The Creative

Embrace your artistic streak with bubbles from the world's first champagne house, closely linked to the world of art for more than 120 years. Back in 1896, Ruinart commissioned Czech artist Alfons Mucha to design a now-legendary advertising poster. Today, the House continues its creative tradition, by showcasing a new artist every year. Following collaborations with Liu Bolin in 2018 and Vik Muniz the following year, for 2020 it has invited British artist David Shrigley to reinterpret Ruinart in drawings which reflect his own quirky sense of humour. Since you cherish singularity and craftsmanship, you’re bound to enjoy his art, as well as Ruinart’s signature champagne, Blanc de Blancs. Created with 100% chardonnay grapes for a uniqueness you'll relish, it is intensely aromatic and fresh.