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The art of wrapping

Presentation and surprise are key when it comes to gifts. A well-wrapped gift can make all the difference. Giving an unwrapped bottle of Termanthia, Dom Pérignon or a Hennessy Paradis Imperial straight out of a bag, even if it’s your very chic bag, doesn’t quite have the same effect as a beautifully-wrapped present. So, give your gift the wow-factor that it deserves with these easy steps perfected by Clos19’s little helpers.

You have a gift box, go for the wrapping paper

  1. Start by rolling out the paper. Measure the right amount by placing the box in the near corner. Roll the box backwards along the long face, then flip up again. This marks the spot where you should cut across the width of paper.
  2. Place the box face upwards and roll it once along the longest side. Crease a line along the near side of the box and fold upwards. Continue to cover each long face by rolling the box away from you. Fold over any remaining paper and seal.
  3. Crease the top edge of the box and fold down. Crease the vertical edges on both sides and fold in to make a triangle. Fold up the triangle and seal.
  4. Repeat on the other side. Et voilà, you’re ready!

You have a naked bottle, go for the silk paper

  1. Lay the tissue paper (two sheets if it’s a clear paper so you can leave a bit of surprise) out flat and fold the left-hand corner upwards so the two sides are aligned.
  2. Fold the right-hand corner upwards and rotate the tissue 90° so the longer side in at the bottom.
  3. Place the bottle on the right side, inset from the edge. Fold the right side over the bottle and roll to the left. Wrap and roll until all the paper has been used. Seal the edges.
  4. Fold the excess tissue under the bottom of the bottle, into the punt.
  5. Twist the top of the wrapping in a clockwise direction around the neck of the bottle until tight.

Do you have an oversized gift?

For instance, for a Nebuchadnezzar, the mighty 15-litre bottle, get help from an expert. Regular tissue paper won’t be big enough. And rolling something that big definitely needs an extra pair of hands, especially if you don’t want to risk altering the taste by shaking it accidentally.