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Sublime dusk is a perfect setting to indulge in Ruinart Rosé champagne’s delicate bubbles. To celebrate the beautiful alliance of pinot noir and chardonnay, it takes us to Los Angeles and its spectacular sunsets, a pink tourmaline in hand – the precious sparkling stone with subtle rosy nuances.

Elegance and intensity are this brut rosé champagne’s foundations, full and lively, for those exceptional moments, such as the magic of the sun setting on the Californian coastline, in the city of angels. The atmosphere that prevails when dusk throws its last rosy reflections onto the city’s palm trees, is reminiscent of the champagne’s intensity, where refinement and power fuse.

The soft glow of this passing moment seems to be reflected in the bubbles that keep rising to form the perfect necklace of pink pearls at the top of the glass. Delicate, yet tenacious and abundant, these bubbles pop on your palate with a song, and keep whispering long before they disappear into that magical instant.

A bewitching aroma of red fruits, cherries and berries, freshly picked, mingle with floral accents – roses and hawthorne, with a hint of tonka spice. Heady, the fragrance gives way to a silky taste, delicate yet ripe and voluptuous. A vivacious, exuberant mouthfeel.

These amazing aromas and this voluptuous palate are the happy marriage of the subtle chardonnay providing the suave and tender character, and of pinot noir, that imposes its round, lavish charm and insatiable personality.

To seal this perfect union, nothing like the bright pink tourmaline, whose colour reminds us of Ruinart Rosé, and its rose-petal robe. This precious stone, known in Europe for its dynamic energy since the early eighteenth century, is just like the reputed Ruinart house, a force and pioneer in the world of champagne. The Chinese empress Tzu Hsi loved pink tourmaline stones and used to keep the entire production of the Stewart mines in Southern California.

It’s said that the pink tourmaline stone attracts love, just like this sensational rosé brut seems predestined to be shared in great company.