Set of 6 glasses

Ruinart Small Signature Champagne Glasses


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Enjoying a bottle of Ruinart blanc de blancs, rosé or brut should be as straightforward and pleasurable as possible – and this sleek new champagne glass, etched on the base with the Ruinart insignia, is specially designed to bring out the best of each champagne.
With an opening that’s wide enough to express the aromatic complexity of each champagne and also allow bubbles to develop, plus a shape that encourages those bubbles to rise to the surface and burst just beneath the lip, you’ll experience a heightened taste sensation with every sip. Glass size: 23cl
Bottle with gift packaging - 75 cL
Ruinart Second Skin Blanc de Blancs
Ruinart Small Signature Champagne Glasses image number null
Ruinart Small Signature Champagne Glasses
Set of 6 glasses