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The right glass for each spirit

It's science

The choice of which glass to go with which drink is an important one, for scientific reasons as well as aesthetic ones. Sure, you'll want to impress your guests with good-looking service. But at the same time, you need to be aware that science makes certain receptacles better than others for your drinking experience. If you choose well, the glass you pour your guests' spirits into can help maximise the aromas and body of the drink, so that you get the best out of its flavours.


A cool classic

In recent years, cognac has shed its timeless image to become the hippest spirit in town, racking up artistic collaborations, Hollywood endorsements and rapper cred. Matters of personal style aside, the true cognac experience relies on a classic: the sleek 25 cL balloon glass is the definitive choice for appreciating cognac's roundness and aromatic intensity. This is one spirit that goes well with hand warmth, so pour ¼ of a glass, sit back and enjoy.

The cognac tulip glass

A taster's treat

If you are lucky enough to be tasting a rare, fine cognac, then some purists prefer the smaller, tulip-shaped glass. With its elegant bowl that flares slightly at the top, the tulip perfectly captures delicate aromas and flavours.

Try: Paradis cognac glasses by Ferrucio Laviani. These long-stemmed, minimalist tulip glasses were designed especially for the rare Paradis cognac by Ferrucio Laviani. If you’d like a bit more detail on your glass however, then cast your eye over the beautiful Paradis Imperial cognac glasses designed by Sam Baron, which were inspired by the elegant look of period Russian courts.


Make a splash

The style of whisky glass is quite a personal choice, but aficionados tend to prefer a tumbler. With a large bowl at the bottom and sides that taper in at the top, this shape will best concentrate the aromas where your nose will easily find them.

Try: Ardbeg make their own glass in this style with an eye catching green tint.


Still in fashion

The lowball glass is timeless and an essential part of your glassware collection. It’s a short tumbler that suits spirits ‘on the rocks’, hence one of its nicknames, the ‘rocks glass’. Another name for it is the ‘Old Fashioned’ glass, after one the world’s most popular cocktails that it tends to be used for.

Try: The Hennessy Lowball Glass is perfect for serving both neat cognac or cocktails with ice and it has a satisfying, weighty base with a striking ripple pattern on the glass. Add a Maraschino cherry for a touch of vintage glamour.