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Looking for rare treasures this season?

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  • The Rarest of the Rare

    Due to the nature of the limited production, each bottle serves as a unique testament to the artistry and devotion to wine and spirit makers. Made with dedication to producing only the highest quality, every sip is shaped by their passion and love for the craft.

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    Complex, deep and concentrated, Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2 is created with an extended maturation and expert assemblage of opposing and complementary elements. Each year a small amount of wine is held back for longer ageing in the cellars. The unique result is always worth the wait.

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    Every year, the House of Krug honours the dream of Joseph Krug with a new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée – the fullest expression of Champagne. The rarity and uniqueness of the year’s blend can be appreciated thanks to the Édition number printed on the label of each bottle.

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    Thanks to a unique terroir, a bold choice of grape varieties, and an exceptional savoir-faire, the grands crus of Château Cheval Blanc continue to enrich, vintage after vintage, the legend of one of the most prestigious wines of Bordeaux, and hence of the world.

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    IIn a constant quest for excellence since 1843, Glenmorangie presents a series of vintages that unite tradition with innovation. Celebrating highly aged prestige whiskies defined by their elegance and fruit-floral flavours, this collection delights both collectors and connoisseurs.

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Seeking an exceptional gift?

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