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Plan the Best Summer Picnic Menu with Chandon Garden Spritz

With summer on the horizon, now is the ideal time to start planning outdoor gatherings and picnics with friends. This menu idea comes courtesy of maison Chandon, creator of your new favourite summer aperitif, Chandon Garden Spritz.

The Perfect Picnic Spritz

Combining Chandon sparkling wine with a liqueur made from natural orange-peel extract and carefully selected spices, Chandon Garden Spitz takes the classic spritz aperitif to a new level, harnessing the finest ingredients. Chardonnay, pinot noir and sémillon from Chandon Argentina's Mendoza vineyards are blended and then fermented twice to create an exceptional sparkling wine. The aromatic bitters added to it are made with a combination of spices and the zest and dried peel of sweet, locally sourced Valencia oranges, creating a spicy, zesty and rich sparkling aperitif, delicious served over ice.
“Chandon Garden Spritz is the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and bitterness,” says Ana Paula Bartolucci, winemaker at Chandon. “It is versatile, easy to pair with food and great to enjoy on any occasion. As with most sparkling wines, its best asset is the acidity, which works to cut through rich, fatty dishes, and it doesn’t hide under high-acid ingredients such as tomatoes or vinegary dressings.” When planning your picnic menu, add something fatty or acidic to each dish. This can work for vegetarian picnic recipes too – simply replace the meat with cheese or something fried for that hit of salt. The important thing to remember is the three-ingredient rule – keep things simple so you can concentrate on having a good time.

Your Ultimate Chandon Garden Spritz Picnic Menu from Maison Chandon

  • Bruschetta with pâté
  • Bruschetta with candied tomatoes and grilled courgettes
  • Sandwiches with goats’ cheese or ricotta, prosciutto and sliced plum tomatoes
  • Spanish tortilla made with thinly sliced potatoes and onions
  • Radicchio, fennel and orange salad
  • Salted Marcona almonds, finocchiona salami and padrón peppers
  • Sushi or sashimi platter
  • Asian-inspired noodle salad with miso sautéed aubergines
  • Mature cheddar, nuts and dried figs or mango

Chandon Garden Spritz Cocktail Recipe


  • 150 mL Chandon Garden Spritz
  • Ice cubes
  • Dried orange slice
  • Sprig of rosemary

Creating this cocktail couldn't be simpler. Place a few ice cubes in a large glass and pour over 150 mL Chandon Garden Spritz. Garnish with rosemary and a dried orange slice.