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Parisian Mood

Paris is a city of parties and elation, lovers and celebration, elegance par excellence. It is a place bathed in a mythical aura. What better way to honour the city of lights than with a brand of distinction and an international reputation for elegance, just like the French capital itself? Pour yourself a glass of Dom Pérignon Rosé: the vintage champagne that embodies ‘la vie en rose’, sung at full volume.

Bursting with personality and fruit, this vintage champagne stuns the senses and colours life on the banks of the river Seine in a rosy hue. Although the vintage rosé champagne draws its power from several years spent in the cellar, its sophistication seems born out of a bold vision that blends Paris in the roaring twenties with a pinch of Paris in the eighties, when the city's in-crowd met at the Palace nightclub every night to polish its greatest talent: hedonism!

On the nose, this vintage is dominated by notes of crunchy red berries, fig, guava, vanilla and violets. It has a sweet floral scent, balanced by woody orange peel flavours and dried fruits. The harmonious blend of chardonnay and pinot noir, which gives the wine its pink-amber and copper-coloured tones, brings a radiant warmth to those who taste it.

This moment of magic endures on the palate, where elegant bubbles burst on the tongue, eliciting memories of high-spirited encounters; the kind that only Paris can inspire. The wine’s ample weight and precision create an exceptionally balanced structure, evoking the urban landscapes of the French capital. And as night finally gives way to the dawn, the chalky, stone streets of the city delicately echo the mineral finish of this fine, vintage champagne.

Like the heavy stone bridges that effortlessly span the Seine, or the meandering streets, scattered with powder pink blossoms, where visitors willingly lose their way… Dom Pérignon Rosé combines complexity and rigour with the lightest, most seamless of touches.