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The Torrontés de Terrazas de Los Andes is a wine grown in altitude, blossoming in a splendid land-scape, teetering on the top of the Andes. Like an invitation to a spring luncheon that would end on the perfect note: a supremely citrus tart, with a hint of orange blossom.

The Torrontés de Terrazas de Los Andes is an invitation to a Spring luncheon, suspended on a bal-cony off the Andes in Argentina.

A splendid landscape where the raisin comes into its own in altitude; it’s a true perched paradise, packed with generous bunches of grapes, their tender flesh fragrance full. This luncheon would end on the perfect note: a supremely citrus tarte, with a hint of orange blossom to pay homage to this truly exceptional wine.

Coming from one of a kind vines, set 1800 meters above sea level, the Torrontés blossoms facing a breathtaking olympic view, perfect for an airborne luncheon overlooking the grapes’ home, as if suspended mid-air over the vineyard terraces of Mendoza.

The day’s sunshine and the nights’ coolness blend for the ultimate balance, to develop the intense flavors and fragrances.

As if perfumed by the Garden of Eden itself – the bewitching aromas of grapefruit, pear and mango trees jostle with roses and sour oranges. This tender and elegant white wine is just the thing for a moment of calm in the midst of nature.

Like it’s golden coloring, with a hint of green, reminiscent of a Spring garden at that special time when the sun starts its slow journey into darkness. Its full, round body promises the perfect mar-riage with white fish or Spring vegetables. A treat that in harmony with a glorious garden abloom, a chorus of vivacious morning birds in the welcome shadow of a fruit tree as the sun progresses.

The unique altitude climate makes Torrontés wine what it is: a deep well, so refreshingly cool with a soft acidity. The exuberance of the winds that rocked those grapes brings an explosion of fruit to the palate, like the grandiose desert finale: a sparkling citrus tart with hints of orange blossom and rose petals.

Achieving that sought after balance, between sweetness and crisp freshness, this unique and origi-nal wine is light, elegant, lively and pure.

The exotic tang of that rich fruity pie is within reach. As if the golden apples, or rather oranges, Her-cules found in the garden of Hesperides, gave up their tart, sweet secrets.

A tasting journey bound for the enchanted orchard, hidden away since antiquity, perhaps lost in the Andes?