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Mother's Day Brunch

Traditionally Mother’s Day is a day to get the family together and show our appreciation of our mums. Flowers and chocolates make lovely presents, but taking the time to prepare a special brunch is a great way to show you really care. No matter how you decide to spoil her this year, there’s one ingredient you simply cannot do without: bubbles. Here’s your Clos19 guide to creating a beautiful brunch experience with a touch of sparkle.


A little bit of effort goes a long way, so arranging a homemade Mother’s Day brunch is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to mum and make it personal. A few, carefully chosen dishes, just the right amount of decoration and a beautifully wrapped gift, will set the tone nicely.

Keep food simple

By definition, brunch happens earlier in the day, so lighter dishes are the order of the day. Fresh fruits, yoghurt and granola make a great light and easy option while poached eggs and asparagus or smashed avocado is healthy and filling, and of course, who doesn’t love fresh pastries?

The small details count

Never underestimate the power of display. Just a couple of small details can have in an impact. One big tip is to declutter your brunch space. Piles of papers on the side, rogue bits of unopened post, children’s toys... get them gone. In their place, you can add a simple bunch of spring flowers and your prettiest crockery. It goes without saying to bring out your best glassware too; presentation makes all the difference.

Adding some sparkle

No celebration is complete without bubbles and a glass of champagne lifts a brunch perfectly. To keep things light, you could go for a twist on a bellini, adding fresh pear juice to champagne instead of prosecco. The richness of Veuve Clicquot brut is ideal for a twisted bellini. New-world sparkling wine works just as well too. Try Chandon Argentina’s sparkling brut or Cloudy Bay Pelorus.

Another lighter, modern option is to opt for champagne over ice. Find some large wine glasses (this Veuve Clicquot Rich glass has been designed especially) and throw in some chunky ice cubes with your choice of garnish and pour the champagne over the top. Some champagnes have been designed with ice in mind and so are richer in fruit flavours to counteract the mild dilution. Try Veuve Clicquot Rich or Moët Ice Impérial. A set of these special glasses make the perfect gift too.