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Moët & Chandon Collection Impériale Création No. 1


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To celebrate the 280th anniversary of Moët & Chandon, the Maison has released a rare, multi-vintage prestige cuvée, Collection Impériale Creation No. 1. The first of a series of 'cuvées d’exception’ to be released in the lead-up to Moët & Chandon's 300th anniversary in 2043, it presents a rare opportunity for those who really love champagne to add an historical release to their collection.
Complex and remarkable, it's a beautifully crafted champagne that will continue to evolve gracefully. Made from an intricate assemblage of seven different vintages aged through a variety of different processes, the blend begins with the fresh 2013 Grand Vintage (aged in stainless-steel tanks), which is complemented by the refined 2012, powerful 2010, tense 2008, full-bodied 2006 and lively 2000 vintages (all aged in oak casks), and then finished with the elegant 2004 vintage, which has been bottle-aged on lees after its second fermentation.
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A harmonious blend


A deep, bright yellow hue.


Collection Impériale Création No. 1's aromatic profile is initially reserved, gradually revealing mineral dry notes such as liquorice root, mocha and toast. As it unfolds, secondary aromas of madeleines, fresh hazelnuts, vanilla and then luscious fruit emerge, accompanied by hints of dried fig and Mirabelle plums.


On the palate, maturity shines through. Enveloping the senses with an aromatic sweetness that embraces its creamy and delicate effervescence, the champagne then expands with an interplay of freshness and bitterness. The finish lingers on notes of smoke and liquorice, leaving a mouthwatering impression of freshness.

Benoït Gouez

Cellar Master, Moët & Chandon


Moët & Chandon Collection Impériale Création No. 1

  • Service temperature - 8-10°C
  • Alcohol by volume - 12.5 % Vol.
  • Storage advice - Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place, and away from vibrations
  • Health warning - Contains sulphites
  • Closure - Cork
  • Dosage - Brut Nature (0g/L)

Moët & Chandon Collection Impériale Création No. 1

Collection Impériale Création No. 1 is a blend of seven vintages, each of which has been carefully evaluated and aged in distinct environments to enhance its individual qualities.

Most of the wine is from the 2013 Grand Vintage (42.5%), aged in stainless-steel tanks, with a further 42.5% of the blend made up of almost equal proportions of reserve wines from 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006 and 2000. The final addition is a generous 15% of a 2004 vintage emptied into the blend from bottles ageing on lees after a second fermentation.

The blend is made up of approximately 40% each of pinot noir and chardonnay, and 20% of meunier (the proportions are approximate because nearly 60% of the final blend is made from six different reserve wines).

Collection Impériale Création No. 1 is a brut nature champagne – with no added sugar at dosage, it delivers a pure expression of its flavours.

Introducing 'haute oenologie':
A celebration of winemaking expertise

The art of selecting, ageing, blending and maturing is, according to Moët & Chandon, worthy of its own terminology. 'Haute oenologie', coined by Moët & Chandon to describe the winemaking expertise perfected by the artistry and virtuosity of its cellar masters over generations, has been brought to life with Création No. 1.

It starts with precise vinification science and the strategic selection of the best vintages, aged through different processes to elevate each champagne.

Next is the ability to assemble them harmoniously and mature them in the historical cellars with passion and patience, respecting the flow of time.

A unique assemblage:
Seven vintages and no added sugar

As per estate tradition, Création No. 1 is a blend, but one that is based on seven different vintages, starting with the light and elegant base vintage 2013, which has been aged in stainless steel.

Next come four vintages, also aged in steel, followed by two oak-aged vintages – the 2004, which is taken from bottles, and the oldest, a 23-year-old from 2000.

The result is so complex that cellar master Benoît Gouez made the unplanned decision to forgo dosage and present the wine as 'brut nature' – the first in 280 years of winemaking.

While not adding any dosage is a departure for Moët & Chandon, Gouez is clear that the truest expression of this release was without sugar.

An inaugural release:
The start of things to come

Création No. 1 is the inaugural release in the Collection Impériale line, launched to celebrate the 280th anniversary of the founding of Moët & Chandon in 1743.

The new champagne is the first of a series of 'cuvées d’exception’ leading up to Moët’s 300th anniversary in 2043.

Cellar master Benoît Gouez, who described the prestige collection as a culmination of Moët & Chandon's blending mastery, promises to draw on an extensive reserve wine library to craft a new and unique release of Collection Impériale every two years, forming a countdown to the big milestone.

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Moët & Chandon Collection Impériale Création No. 1
Bottle with gift box - 75 cL