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Vodka Belvedere

The minimalist mantra « less is more » seems to have been specifically created for the prestigious Belvedere Vodka. The quintessential clarity that comes from a 100% natural vodka. A quest for the essential, reminiscent of the virgin Norwegian Fjords and of the artistic expression of geometric abstracts.

The source of this excellent vodka, a concentrate of the best nature has to offer: Dankowskie’ golden rye, grown in the Mazlovian prairies of Western Poland, and the clearest of waters from artesian wells. Thanks to the simplicity of its two ingredients Belvedere vodka offers a unique flow which stands apart, thanks to its brilliant transparence, like a crystal-clear waterfall in the heart of Norway’s natural splendor, and the beauty of a geyser reaching for the sky in liquid columns and silver smoke.

Each of these elements is reflected on the palate, with a unique rainbow ranging from touches of pepper to spices, to a hint of almonds with an intense and long-lasting finale on the tongue. The experience echoes the glaciers, their valleys and abrupt cliffs, the costal Norwegian landscape. Beautiful panoramas caught up in that fresh feeling that is so neatly wrapped up in the frosted Belvedere glass bottle.

The crystal-clear simplicity and story of this beverage also reminds us of the fundamentals of abstract geometrics. Simplicity at the service of personality – with plenty of character!

Paying homage to the concentric voyage that allows Belvedere Vodka to focus on its distinct flavours, so refined, fathering its own particular constitution. The golden rye of Dankowskie, obtained after a century of patience and six cross breedings could inspire an abstract masterpiece unto itself: all lines, shapes and shades ranging from the whites to golden hues. Dankowskie’s rye brings with it such a complexity and distinction, it’s almost an art-form! Minimalist and complex, all at once. Its character and complexity transcended only by the clarity and simplicity of this truly exceptional vodka.