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Singularity is what best describes Krug Grande Cuvée. An absolute masterpiece of quality and ‘savoir-faire’ it is born again, year in year out, blending the finest of aromas. As iconic as the grandiose spectacle that is the summer solstice, announcing a new season of sunshine and exuberance, like a never-ending ode to a sensory and gracious adventure, it sparkles with promise.

Celebrating the longest day, a feast of sunlight, seems like the perfect time to sample this exclusive and iconic Krug champagne. A summer prelude hailing this prodigious alchemy: the making of the finest of wines, a champagne nectar renowned the world over, for 6 generations.

Blending 130 wines of the highest qualities, and 3 iconic vines, including pinot noir, chardonnay and meunier, these audacious bubbles, seem to orchestrate a shimmering ballet, or even a symphony! Fine evanescent bubbles celebrate the magnificence of the sun reaching its zenith, as clear as day, brilliant, aglow and full of grace.

Full-bodied, with the perfect balance so dear to its creator, each aroma and flavor has its place, in a perfectly harmonised and elegant concert. This rich symphony, composed of touches of almond, toasted brioche, creamy honey and dark cherries, gets carried away like a virtuoso, with unique flavors to reach its fresh and delicately zingy grand finale. Its lasting taste echoes the exceptional experience, just a while longer…

It feels like the earth’s very elements are aligned with the solar systems’ to join in this ode to light, inviting a voyage to the very heart of the summer season.

This Krug Grande Cuvée would make the perfect travelling partner. With the very first sip, comes a discovery packed with adventure and remarkable aromatic landscapes. Taste it and allow yourself to be whisked away on an eternal expedition where Time is the real artist of change. Krug has made Patience its secret to achieving excellence. This exceptional wine needs more than twenty years to mature: wines resting for ten or fifteen years make up the body of this ample and robust adventurer  ̶  but the Grande Cuvée sleeps another seven years for its final aging.

An odyssey that never ceases to charm, bewitching the traveler’s olfactory senses thanks to heady floral and nutty aromas. At a crossroads of generous encounters, with a rich melting pot of flavours, of different ages and origins, the Krug Grande Cuvée is an idyllic and welcoming place where one can truly appreciate the most melodious of celestial rhythms: the one announcing the splendid arrival of summer!