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Melbourne's Coffee Delights

In the 1950s, the first Italian immigrants opened espresso bars in Melbourne. They introduced a new style of beverage and a real cultural shift. Where tea used to be the drink du jour, the town is now obsessed with coffee from morning until late at night...


Patricia Coffee Brewers

You know a coffee place is good, when everyone within a few hundred metres is holding a cup! Hidden behind black matte walls and without a chair in sight, Patricia’s is a stand-only bar, but that’s precisely why it works so well: fast, super-friendly service, seriously good coffee and a sprinkling of delicious sweet treats. Simple is best. Don’t forget to look up to see their neon ‘sunshine’ light fixture, which will bring a smile to your face. It’s a happy, bustling place and the perfect way to start your day in Melbourne.


Dukes Coffee Roasters

Coffee with a conscience is the order of the day at Dukes, who put in the work to ensure their coffee and how it’s served have minimal impact on the environment. Locals love it for its accessibility to specialty coffees which use innovative roasting practices. It’s a must-go for coffee aficionados who are interested in buying beans to take home or participate in professional training at the coffee shop. What a buzz!



Traveller is part of the Seven Seeds group which has an engaging story about coffee beans smuggled out of Yemen in the 17th Century by a man called Bab Budan. The group is a retailer and a micro roaster, and the coffee shops are dedicated to serving the finest seasonal coffee. It also offers Lamingtons, the typically Australian sponge cake. These – and the coffee – are well worth a try.


Short Stop Coffee

At Short Stop, you don’t just go for the coffee; they make, quite simply, the best donuts in town. Each donut is made fresh on site that day and they are constantly honing their recipes based on feedback and research to make them even more delicious. Try the honey and salt crystal donut, washed down with one of their fantastic coffees, all made with organic and natural ingredients.


Sip an espresso martini

Where to drink espresso martinis and how to recreate the best.
When moving from day to night but still in need of a coffee fix, why not try an espresso martini? A touch of spirit can enhance a good coffee, giving your drink that perfect flavour and texture balance. Try one from our favourite Melbourne bars or even make one yourself.

Vue de Monde / Lui Bar

Lui Bar a.k.a. Vue de Monde, is another Melbourne icon, with décor harking back to the gold rush era and an eye-catching, ‘clear cloud’ chandelier set above their custom-made bar. Lui boasts an extensive wine, champagne and spirits list as well as an exciting cocktail menu. This includes an incredible espresso martini which uses a touch of Hennessey V.S cognac and vanilla. The result is delicate, spicy and complex. We asked nicely, and they shared their delicious recipe: 

  • 45 mL Hennessy V.S cognac
  • 15 mL vanilla liqueur
  • 30 mL fresh pressed espresso
  • 10 mL vanilla infused sugar syrup*

*To make the vanilla syrup infuse one vanilla bean cut into half into 500 mL simple syrup.



In a shaker, combine all ingredients with ice cubes.
Shake and strain into a coupette or martini glass
Garnish with a couple of coffee beans.


Baroq House

Baroq is often described as Melbourne’s top Friday night venue thanks to its seamless blend of great service, music, food and drinks, all set within the most glamorous and luxurious surroundings you can imagine. Baroq make their own iconic version of the espresso martini, a rich and luscious cocktail using vodka and coffee liqueur. Here’s the recipe for you to recreate the magic:

  • 40 mL Belvedere Vodka
  • 20 mL coffee liqueur
  • 15 mL Walnut Brownie syrup
  • 30 mL espresso shot

In a shaker, combine all ingredients with ice cubes.
Shake and strain into a martini glass.
Garnish with a light cookie crumble.


Sleep Coppersmith Hotel

The perfectly located, elegant Coppersmith Hotel has thought of everything for the traveller who likes everything ‘just so’. Intimate and private, this beautifully designed building hosts a bistro, a bar and a cosy rooftop retreat so you can effortlessly transition from coffee to cocktails and dinner, yet never get tired of the view. Should you want to leave at any point, however, the famous South Melbourne Market is just down the road with its popular coffee shops and food stalls.