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Régis & Jacques Marcon

Father-and-son duo, Régis and Jacques Marcon are at the helm of restaurant Le Clos des Cîmes in the Haute-Loire region of France. An award-winning Maître restaurateurand chef, Régis Marcon has earned the restaurant three Michelin stars, which it’s maintained since 2005. One of the country’s gastronomic tenets, it’s a must for any self-discerning aficionado of fine wines and spirits. We speak to Régis Marcon and his son Jacques who share their tips for hosting like a pro.

What, for you, is the ‘art of hosting’?

First and foremost it’s a state of mind that adds meaning to our daily lives.

Where does the art of hosting fit into your establishment?

At our establishment, hosting is our objective, our passion, from the moment we take bookings to the moment we welcome diners, and it’s the same for everyone who is here to host and tend to clients, so that they have the best possible experience.

How do you welcome your clients? What is the first impression you aim to put across?

Just like when you host your friends, you have to put them at ease and mix conversation with humour.

The restaurant opened for the season last April. How do you feel about the season to come?

We remain relaxed with each new season, especially as each new member of the team is looking forward to picking and cooking what nature brings us (herbs, flowers, spring mushrooms).

How to you think the art of hosting will evolve in the years to come?

The art of hosting with be all about simplicity; it will focus more on exploring a venue, a story, an atmosphere.

What drinks would you offer your guests at the start of a meal?

A glass of champagne.

What beverage do you like to start a meal with?

With a glass dry, young vintages Condrieu.

Your kitchen is focused on mushrooms – what are the rules to keep in mind when pairing them with wine?

You have to know how to work with the season, but also work to the different types of mushrooms.

What’s your most memorable wine pairing experience?

A woodcock with Mr CHAUVE, accompanied by ’hermitage’ vintages.

Your establishment is a venue for celebrating. But what about you, how do you like to celebrate events?

By organising a family trip to the mountains.

How do you celebrate Fathers’ Day, when you work together?

A family meal where we serve mushrooms!

A question for Jacques: among the references suggested by Clos 19, which one would make a good Fathers’ Day gift for Régis?

Terrazas de Los Andes

Among the references suggested by Clos 19, do you have a memory linked to one of the domains? If so, which ones?

A château Yquem with a banana and morel caramel skewer.

What would you toast to today?

To the producers that care for nature and highlight the terroirs of France.