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This noble whisky is one of the rarest and oldest members of the Glenmorangie clan. Matured with passion over a quarter of a century, its autumnal flavours and exotic aromas play against each other in a perfect duel. It is a combat fit for this king of drinks renowned for its power and time-honoured elegance.

The sheer strength of Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990 evokes a ride in the forest on the back of a beautiful Haflinger stallion with a shimmering gold and silver coat.

The breed's unique appearance with its Austrian and Arabic (think dense Austrian forests and wide Arabic horizons) brings to mind the whisky's magnificent alliance of forest berries, spices and citrus fruits. The taste is a sweet and earthy combination, reminiscent of the smell of soil deep in the woods, blended with exotic aromas from much further East.

The Haflinger's coat, which changes gracefully from light gold to rich chestnut in colour, hints at the coppery and amber shades of this special vintage. The horse's flowing mother-of-pearl mane echos the silky texture of this vintage malt, like soft honey coating the tongue.
On the finish, just as our stallion is powerful, yet gentle, the Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990 is long, warm and intense. It takes us back to jagged landscapes covered in fragrant chestnut trees and thick, dark oaks.

This powerful experience calls for the perfect soundtrack played on a old gramophone that harks back to simpler, better days. The mellow sounds that escape are pure pleasure. It is as though the purest melodies were extracted from the whisky's slow oxidation process over the years. As though the coppery stills of Glenmorangie, that are the highest in Scotland, released the most authentic flavours. As though the grain of the woodcutter's old oak revealed all the trees' ancient heritage. Here, the sensation combining formidable ageing and perfect maturation reaches its zenith, bringing out all the forgotten flavours of the spirit's original charm. Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990's intense aromas are rejuvenated by lighter, springy notes creating unique, precious and paradoxically innovative flavours. Much like the woody sound of a cool Seventies folk song brought to life by the needle of an old forgotten gramophone in a small log cabin in the middle of the woods.