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Krug Champagne Grande Cuvée - Bottle 75cL

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Complimentary nominated day delivery on orders over £140

Krug Grande Cuvée – 164ème Édition

Gift box with bottle - 75 cL

Krug Grande Cuvée – 164ème Édition

Gift box with bottle - 75 cL
  • Product Details

    Krug Grande Cuvée is one of the fullest expressions of Champagne. Created every year – beyond the notion of vintage, this is a blend of over 120 different wines from more than ten different years. Blending so many different wines from different years lends a fullness of flavours and aromas that would be impossible to express with the wines of a single year. As the maison describes it, it is a complete orchestra playing together in harmony.
    For Cellar Master Eric Lebel, “Every Édition is different, formed of a unique blend of wines, yet they all bear a family resemblance, an expression and elegance that are distinctly Krug.”
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Enjoy in a Joseph glass or white wine glass to fully explore the depth of aroma and flavour
    • Service temperature - 9-12ºC
    • When to drink - Drink now through 2025+
    • Storage advice - Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place, and away from vibrations
    • Closure - Cork
    • Health warning - Contains sulphites
    • Alcohol by volume - 12.0%
  • Blend and Origin

    Krug Grande Cuvée Non Vintage

    A carefully crafted blend of reserve wines (over 120 from more than 10 different years) brings out the complexity of Krug Grand Cuvée. A very balanced, skilled and precise blend of pinot noir, chardonnay and meunier, this champagne spends at least six years in the Krug cellars gaining the depth, harmony, finesse and elegance for which Krug is so well known.

Food pairing:
Generosity requires delicate but richly flavoured dishes


A champagne of such complexity demands the simple smoky warmth of roasted chestnuts or creamy artichoke soup.


The exquisite pairing of black truffles with turbot is one that will not be forgotten.


The explosion of generous flavours will be echoed by a strong aged Parmesan that crumbles and melts in the mouth.