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Krug Champagne Clos du Mesnil 2002 Bottle 75cL

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You are on our UK site. Complimentary COVA Gianduiotti on all orders above £75 between March 18th and April 1st.

Krug Clos du Mesnil 2002

Wooden case with bottle - 75 cL

Krug Clos du Mesnil 2002

Wooden case with bottle - 75 cL
  • Product Details

    One grape varietal. One vineyard. One single year. Clos du Mesnil 2002 is the personification of purity, expressing the individuality and intensity of chardonnay in the most exquisite style. With its precision and freshness, Clos du Mesnil 2002 beautifully captures the exceptionality of a year marked by clement and warm conditions, which infused the harvest with generous aromas.
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Enjoy in a Joseph glass or white wine glass to fully explore the depth of aroma and flavour
    • Service temperature - 9-12ºC
    • When to drink - Drink now through 2035+
    • Storage advice - Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place, and away from vibrations
    • Closure - Cork
    • Health warning - Contains sulphites
    • Alcohol by volume - 12.5%
  • Blend and Origin

    Krug Clos du Mesnil 2002

    Made from 100% chardonnay grapes grown in Krug’s single walled plot in the heart of Mesnil-sur-Oger, this striking vintage is an extreme rarity. The year 2002 was serendipitous. A generous climate combined with ideal conditions for the maturation of the grapes created this fruity, energetic, delicate and well-balanced champagne.

The purity of a single plot

A secret garden
A secret garden

The Clos du Mesnil story begins in 1971, when fifth-generation brothers Rémi and Henri Krug made an unexpected discovery. In a visit to Mesnil-sur-Oger, one of Champagne’s most renowned chardonnay villages in Côte des Blancs, the brothers purchased 15 plots of exceptional vines. Only after their purchase did they realise their lot included a petite walled vineyard marked with an ancient description: “In the year 1698, this wall was built by Claude Jannin and Pierre Dehée Metoen and in the same year the vines were planted by Gaspard Jannin, son of Claude.” This 1.84-hectare plot transpired to be a treasure of unprecedented value.

Nurturing nature’s finest
Nurturing nature’s finest

After the Krug brothers discovered the tiny plot of old vines in the heart of Mesnil-sur-Oger, its extraordinary qualities soon came to light. The walls protecting the vineyard created a veritable microclimate that infused the chardonnay grapes grown there with a unique character. Compared with other wines created from their new plots in the village, the champagne from Clos du Mesnil stood apart from the rest: Krug had identified one of the clearest examples of the “magic of terroir.” And for the first time in its history, the maison created a single-vineyard champagne.

Only when the grapes are at their peak
Only when the grapes are at their peak

Clos du Mesnil vintages are only ever crafted when the Krug maison is certain that the seasons during any single year have worked in harmony to ensure the chardonnay grapes have reached their fullest, finest expression. In 2002, conditions for the maturation of beautiful grapes were ideal, yields were generous, and the full potential of this single walled plot was revealed. After 13 years in Krug's cellars, Clos du Mesnil 2002 in its final incarnation discloses a crisp purity, precise signature and a striking grace.

Food pairing:
Fish, shellfish and meat will enhance this versatile vintage


A scallop carpaccio with vanilla and kumquat will be a gastronomic delight when served with this vintage.


Keep it simple – a lobster, an elegant sole meunière, or a lemony chicken tagine will pair wonderfully.