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Julep Cocktails

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The mint julep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby but its history is often debated and there seems to be no agreement as to how the julep was first made. The julep is mostly cited as being developed in Virginia and it's claimed to have gotten its start as the spirited equivalent of coffee for farmers before they took to the fields in the morning. A legend also claims that when a man was searching near the Mississippi river for water to add to his bourbon, he saw mint growing wild which he then added to his mixture - and the julep was born. Today, the julep is embedded in the Derby ceremony itself and so naturally it is also disputed that the cocktail originated in Bourbon County, Kentucky, the birth place of bourbon, the drink's original spirit.

Whatever its origins may be, the julep is a true staple of the American South. And we're twisting it with Scotch whisky or cognac.

Julep Recipes

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  • Cognac
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