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Looking Back at the Top Trends of 2020

2020. When staying became the new going out, and ‘hosting’ came to mean setting up the video call, rather than getting friends round. Here’s a look back at how we got through the year together, sending personalised presents, making cocktails in the kitchen and learning more about champagne.


Cooking at home

If you were anything like us, you spent a lot more time in your kitchen in 2020. With restaurants closed all over town, we had a choice: make it ourselves, or go without! Making the most of extra time at home, plenty of you experimented with our recipes, tagging friends on our social channels as a way of staying in touch and sharing pictures of your finished dishes. There was a sparkling theme to our most popular recipes and food pairing ideas. The 3 most-read? How to pair champagne and cheese, what to eat with rosé champagne, and a recipe for Veuve Clicquot and courgette truffle tart. Yum.

In-house experts

With no sommeliers to hand, many of us took the opportunity to become our own experts – especially when it came to enjoying champagne. Our most-read article this year was all about finding the ideal temperature for drinking champagne. And you didn’t stop there. You sought out the perfect champagne glass (hint: it’s not the coupe or the flute), the best vintages to buy in 2020 and explored why it’s worth buying bigger bottles, for even more taste.

Mixing in the kitchen

Whether you were already into making your own cocktails or just starting out, mixology was a big theme for 2020. Of Journal 19’s top 10 articles, 4 included cocktail recipes. Most popular was our series of champagne cocktails, as you looked for different ways to enjoy your bubbles. Our Mixology Masterclass followed closely, with its selection of easy cocktails to try at home, and Belvedere’s recipes for brunch cocktails proved a hit too, as we stayed in during the day, instead of going out and about.

Personalised gifts

We couldn’t be with our loved ones when we wanted to be, but that didn’t stop us letting friends and family know we were thinking of them. Personalised gifts were among our bestsellers for 2020 as we looked for ways to be present, without actually being there. We etched romantic messages on silver magnums of Belvedere vodka and printed names on Moët & Chandon’s new gift tins. We remembered favourite destinations (and dreamed about the places we had wanted to visit this year), with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label’s personalised arrow tin... for a limited time only with our very own Clos19 twist.


The world’s focus may have been elsewhere, but the environment remained an important topic for us to highlight in 2020. You explored how our Houses are increasing biodiversity in our vineyards, from bird houses to hedge planting. You also enjoyed Belvedere’s seasonal cocktails, championing locally sourced ingredients, and learned about Glenmorangie’s ground-breaking partnership with charity Giraffe Conservation Foundation to help protect giraffes in the wild. And of coure, we launched Ruinart Second Skin Packaging, a new gift case which contains zero plastic packaging and is made from sustainably farmed compound paper which is fully recyclable.

2021 Predictions

As we look into the Clos19 crystal ball, we predict personalisation will become even bigger in 2021 – because, as we discovered during long months at home, unique gifts really do mean more. With new gins and rum on our shelves, we also see a bright future for cocktails in the coming year. And whatever the future holds, you can be sure our Houses are focused on becoming even more sustainable.