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Meet Claire Smith

Belvedere Vodka has made its mark on the world when it was launched in 1996. Not a simple, neutral spirit, Belvedere has real character. Their vodkas are enjoyed in the best establishments around the world, and are especially loved by some of the most celebrated and creative bartenders. Vodka, particularly Polish vodka - the only one in the world to have its own appellation - has joined the ranks of the world's finest drinks. Every ingredient that goes into making Belvedere, especially the Dankowski Rye, is grown in Poland near Polmos Zyrardow, a former industrial city where the original distillery was founded in 1903. Claire Smith is now the Head of Spirits Creation and Mixology and welcomes us there to talk about this terroir and the unique alchemy that makes it possible to create a taste from such simple ingredients: water and rye. These two elements combined are capable of creating a vast palette of nuances that make Belvedere - which in Italian means 'so beautiful to see' - an ingredient of choice in the art of mixology.


 *Please drink responsibly. Over 18s only. Please don’t drink and drive.