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Interview with Jamie Cullum

We have teamed up with acclaimed musician Jamie Cullum to create the ultimate gifting experience for this holiday season. He will perform 19 personalised musical tributes to members of the public nominated by their friends and loved ones. We talked to Jamie to discuss this collaboration and what the art of hosting means to him.


1. What are you most excited about in your collaboration with Clos19?

I love a challenge and to pull off 19 bits of original music with surprise lyrics definitely ticks the box of ‘challenge’!


2. If you were to receive a personalised song by an artist you love, who would it be?

Tom Waits please - some kind of a sea shanty played on a piano that’s falling to pieces.


3. If your voice was a drink, what would it be?

I’ll take a 100% agave tequila because it’s full of body and complexity but also, always ready to have a party.


4. At Clos19, we believe nothing beats a personalised gift! If you can add a message on a bottle that you’d offer to your lovely wife, what you would say?

I love you, let’s go dancing.


5. What is your definition of a great evening? Is there a magical ingredient?

It’s surely about the people you’re with and very little else. I’ve been in some of the worst places and had a brilliant time with fun, interesting and warm people!


6. What is your ideal setting for enjoying a fine meal and drinks with friends and family?

I’ll take a warm, Mediterranean garden at dusk, under a tree.


7. What is your favourite moment during the holiday season?

The buildup and when it’s over!