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How to Taste Champagne

Never forget that champagne is a type of wine, so tasting it is therefore very similar to the way you taste still wine.

Firstly look at the colour, the bubbles and the viscosity of the champagne. Tilt your glass to see the colour's depth and nuances.

Secondly, it’s all about the nose: the first smell gives you an idea of the champagne’s aromas. A gentle swirl then allows the wine to aerate a little and release further aromas; smell again.

Now to the tasting part: have a sip, taste the bubbles and their sensation on your palate. Let some air in your mouth and swirl the champagne, replicating the swirling action in the glass to release more flavours. Note these flavours, their complexity, alongside the mouthfeel, before swallowing (or spitting, should you be in a professional tasting environment or the designated driver). Finally notice how long the flavours linger on the palate. The longer and more agreeable the sensation, the better the champagne is.

Enjoy & repeat.