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Hosting perfectly... your father

Hosting your father can be nerve-wracking for some, yet perfectly relaxed for others. Whichever way you feel, this is your chance to show him what you’ve learned from his wise words and actions over the years. Pitch it just right and he’ll feel proud of you as well as thoroughly spoiled; that his good work bringing you up is done.

The perfect setting

Begin your perfect hosting from the very first moment by setting the scene beautifully. An elegantly laid table with the right glassware and adornments will instantly show your father how special you want him to feel and whet his appetite for what is to come. See our glassware selection to make sure you use the right receptacles for the right drinks and blow him away with your attention to detail.

Remember a moment

A passion for Dom Pérignon? A craving for cognac or whisky? Think back to a time when your father has been sipping his all-time favourite tipple. Show that you’ve paid attention by basing your pre-prandial cocktail on a drink he adores and then adding a spice or a fruit (anything goes!) that reminds you of him in some way. Look out for cocktail recipes. What about a Bloody Mary or an Old Fashioned? The main ingredient will communicate that you care and the surprise twist will show off your creativity. Why not go the extra mile and name your invention after him, or a moment that you’ve shared?

Cocktail recipes


A thoughtful theme

Continue the personalisation theme as you move onto the meal and select evocative dishes that will spark memories of important times together. Maybe it’s the perfectly cooked leg of lamb, just as you always used to have it on a Sunday? Or perhaps it’s a new twist on his favourite holiday fish dish? Regardless of choice, highlight the sophistication you’ve learned from him over the years by choosing a wine that matches what you’re eating perfectly. Whether it’s malbec for beef or sauvignon for salmon, there’s a wine that’s just right for every menu. Search our wine section by style for ideas that your dad would be proud of. We will have the perfect pairing for each of them.

Food pairing inspiration