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Hosting perfectly… New Year

New Year’s Eve parties bring bubbles to mind and at Clos19, we’re rather good at those. A new year means a new beginning, so start as you mean to go on with elegance, excitement and of course, epicurean delights. From champagne cocktail starters to that magical midnight moment, we’ll show you that there’s more than one way to pop a cork…

Whether it’s dinner ‘a deux’ or a larger gathering of friends and family, a midnight toast to the New Year demands champagne and cocktails. This annual ritual is a true moment of celebration, whether you opt for a prestige cuvée or something with more accessible glamour to go around a larger crowd. Here are some of our favourites for the occasion:

Go big or go home: The crowded New Year celebration

What do you drink at a New Year’s party with lots of people? Well, for starters, our favourite aperitif to kick things off is the elegant French75, made with champagne and cognac. But what happens next? Unless you’re feeling particularly flush, a party with a large crowd of friends and family may not the time for breaking out cases of grand cru or prestige champagne. Instead, we prefer to uncork statement bottles at New Year, where the drinks are accessible, but also part of the decoration. Why not serve from magnum, jeroboam or larger bottles? Some of our large formats are also golden luminous (yes, really) and add a wonderful touch to the décor.

What to drink with the canapés

To follow your aperitif, and if you’re bringing out canapés, deeper flavoured bubbles are a must for the core of the evening. Sparkling, dry rosé is our go-to, canapé fizz for parties as it’s both eye-catching and great with many foods. Depending on your budget, you could continue along the Moët & Chandon theme with the Brut Rosé from magnum or jeroboam (why not?) or the juicier, traditional method Chandon Brut Rosé from Argentina if you’re going to blow the budget on your midnight moment.

Tip: You’ll need to keep going until midnight (at least) and with all those bubbles, your guests will ‘appreciate’ some proper food. Make your canapés a little larger and more filling than you might otherwise. Your neighbours will thank you.

A toast to the new: Midnight

At the first moment of a New Year, we look towards health, wealth and happiness. You can’t toast this with any old thing, so now is the moment for something a little special. Or a lot special, if you’re able to. A single glass each will do, but midnight commands its own moment. A vintage champagne from a year that means something to you, adds more weight to the occasion. It’s a chance to stop and savour; just what’s needed as the clock strikes twelve.

Celebr-8: hosting small groups

In China, the number ‘8’ is incredibly lucky, so 2018 is an auspicious year for all the right reasons. Why not turn ‘8’ into a theme to share the luck around and what better way to do that than to drink it? 2008 was a great vintage in Champagne as was 1988 and 1998. Choose from myriad fantastic white and rosé champagnes or if you want to go even further with the theme, try the Grand Vintage Trilogy (1988,1998, 2008). It’s perfect for 6-8 people and believe us, your friends will be eternally… gr8ful.

A New Year dinner à deux

If you’ve ditched the parties this year however, in favour of a little hygge time with the one you love, you can afford to select a special bottle to see in the New Year. Veuve Clicquot’s Extra Brut Extra Old is the perfect juxtaposition of old and new and will give you the complexity to go with many types of food (we love roasted white meats and hard, nutty cheese with this) as well as plenty to think about as the clock strikes twelve – as long as you haven’t already finished the bottle, of course.

Two people, two flavours

And you don’t have to limit yourself to a single, 75 cL bottle just because there are only two of you drinking. The full-on and full-bodied Krug Grand Cuvée and Krug Rosé both come in handy 35 cL bottles as does lighter, R de Ruinart champagne and Ruinart Rosé. You can take you pick and mix and match as you please, choosing one with your dinner and another for the chimes of midnight. Best served cool with a kiss. Ding dong and happy new year!