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Host your own Hollywood party

A Hollywood party is about big crowds, glitter and of course, champagne and cocktails! Now is not the moment for an intimate soirée a deux with a small glass of wine; it’s time to sparkle! So, dust off your address book and bring out the bling. Your showmanship will not go unnoticed...

The guest list & invitation

The effort you’ll be making channelling the glitz and gloss of Hollywood demands an audience. Friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, far away cousins... if you want an excuse for a big, glamourous do, this is definitely it. Just like the fabulous cocktails you’ll be serving, shake up your social circles and create new blends of friends. Play the game fully: why not create invitations based on the official award ceremony template?

The big entrance, the décor and ambiance

For the ultimate wow moment before your guests even walk in, you could lay a strip of red material in homage to the famous red carpet leading up to your front door. Their night will be special before they’ve even stepped inside. Simple, but oh so effective.

Décor-wise, you’ll know by now that at Clos19, we are big fans of decoration we can drink. Big, beautiful bottles in Hollywood red, gold and black. Mix it up and try the golden and luminous Moët & Chandon bottles, dunked in golden ice buckets and colour coded glasses. If you fear you won’t have enough glasses for the crowd, a fun way around this is to stock up cases of mini Moët in your fridge. Follow the lead of the most glamourous Hollywood stars and drink it straight from the bottle! Just don’t try that with any other format, whatever you do. Minis only, please.

For awe-inspiring ambience, think about creating a cinema-themed installation. Dig out all available screens and projecting devices - tablet, computer, TV, projector on the wall - and play award-winning movies on each of them, on mute. If you have several rooms, change up the vibe with a different movie: peplum in the living room for example, then rom-com in the bedroom, superheroes in the bathroom and maybe even a thriller in the kitchen.

The menu

Fine outfits and sparkles need to work the room, so no long, sit down dinners tonight, please. Instead, opt for simple, easy to pop-in canapés and uncomplicated finger food – or a buffet at the very most. The focus tonight is on the fun, so go wild with the drinks and décor instead.

The game

Every Hollywood bash needs an awards ceremony, so what better way to weave in a frisson of fun than with a cocktail challenge? We suggest two games: the cocktail and movie guessing game, where the guests taste a cocktail and guess which film it has appeared in. The second one involves practice and showmanship: print off a list of classic cocktails with their recipes and offer a prize for the best Hollywood twist. Leave a variety of garnishes and ornaments on the bar and see how creative people can be. The winner gets a magnum of champagne, naturally. We bet the prize will go to the person who has practiced his or her mixology skills by studying our Cocktail Time videos. Acceptance speeches are optional…

Cocktails with added charisma

On a night like this, the drinks need to look as good as they taste. Here are some ideas for Hollywood-themed drinks that are a more than a little bit special:


Flaming an orange peel

  • Cut off a three-inch disc, be careful not to prematurely squeeze the oils out of the peel by gently picking it up between your index finger and thumb with the skin facing down.
  • Next strike a wooden match and let tip burn off for 2 seconds (avoid using butane lighters if you can)
  • Hold the orange peel close to the flame to warm the outside skin (skin face down), then hold the match a minimum of three inches above the surface of the drink
  • Firmly and quickly squeeze the orange peel over the flame and the oils should ignite.
  • It is critical that you do not hold the peel to close to the surface of the drink or it will “burn” the surface and it give an off-smell and taste to the cocktail.

Note: Do not be alarmed by a large flame, it will only flash for a second and will not burn the holder.