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Highland Mint Julep

Slicing through the hot air like a breeze brushing through the palm trees of the Marrakech Palmery, this is the cocktail we like to sip as the temperatures soar. The rich notes of sticky honey, rounded malt and tingly spices of Glenmorangie’s whisky are suffused with the crisp taste of fresh mint leaves The cool mint and crushed ice cut through the sweetness like bolts of cold pools in the sun-baked desert. Bitter-sweet, our cocktail emanates the serene allure of a leafy oasis worlds from the frenzy of city life.


How to mix a Highland Mint Julep – the step by step recipe

  • Place fresh mint leaves in a julep cup.
  • With a steel spoon, gently press the mint to extract the essential oils.
  • Add a dash of bitters, sugar syrup and whisky. and stir
  • Add crushed ice and stir again to chill and dilute.
  • Place a straw in the cup and top up with crushed ice.
  • Garnish with a large mint sprig and sugar powdered on top. And it’s ready to serve!


  • Steel spoon
  • Straw


  • Julep Cup


  • 50 mL Glenmorangie Original
  • 12 mL honey
  • 12.5 mL sugar syrup
  • 1 dash bitters


  • A large mint sprig
  • Powdered sugar