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Heron Preston

Heron Preston

Fashion designer Heron Preston together with Stéphanie Watine Arnault, Founder and CEO of Clos19, co-hosted a party to celebrate the launch of Clos19 in New York City.

Heron welcomed his guests, including Marina Testino, Maria Buccellati, Jordun Love, Maria Borges, Paloma Elsesser, Kyle Demers, Yara Flinn and Duckie Thot into the world of Clos19 through his creative take on the art of hosting.

From the lighting, to the music, to the people, the alcohol that’s being served, the food, the chef, every element plays a huge part. If you are around cool and awesome people: good vibes, then the whole night is going to be amazing.

By Heron Preston

He contributed to the overall entertainment of the evening by curating the playlist throughout and by providing a dynamic dj set after the dinner.

Watch Heron’s take on the art of hosting: