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Hennessy Cognac XO Exclusive by M. Newson Bottle 75cL

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Complimentary nominated day delivery on orders over £140

Hennessy X.O. Limited Edition I by Marc Newson

Gift box with bottle - 70 cL

Hennessy X.O. Limited Edition I by Marc Newson

Gift box with bottle - 70 cL
  • Product Details

    This year the iconic X.O comes in a daring and modern striped decanter created by the celebrated Australian designer Marc Newson. Each bottle is individually numbered and its design magnifies the cognac's superb colours under the light. An icon of Hennessy, X.O has remained unchanged since its creation. Around 100 of the finest eaux-de-vie are carefully selected and aged to create this sophisticated blend.
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Enjoy neat, on the rocks, with a dash of water, in long drinks or refined cocktails
    • Service temperature - Room temperature
    • When to drink - Ready to drink
    • Storage advice - Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place
    • Closure - Cap With Cork
    • Alcohol by volume - 40.0%
  • Blend and Origin

    Hennessy X.O

    The ageing process distinguishes X.O from our other blends. The eaux-de-vie are aged for a minimum of 10 years in mainly French oak barrels. Absorbing tannins from the wood, the cognac develops a uniquely satisfying character that is robust and rich, with incredible persistence.

A Multisensorial Experience

Marc Newson
Marc Newson
Marc Newson

Marc Newson has been described as one of the most influential designer of his generation. He has lived and worked in Tokyo, Paris and London, where he is now based, and his designs span a wide range of disciplines, from transport to sculptural pieces and architecture. A recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, Marc Newson has been included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World and has been created a Commander of the British Empire by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Marc Newson
A New Sensorial Exploration
A New Sensorial Exploration

As distinctive as a work of modern architecture, the design amplifies the blend inside - unchanged since 1870 - while placing Hennessy X.O on a modern aesthetic frontier. Says Marc Newson, "It's both an honor and a little daunting to approach an icon like Hennessy X.O. Clearly, this blend has transcended time and continues to exist in a very contemporary way". The designer explores new sensorial dimensions: "The Hennessy X.O decanter has a wonderful fundamental shape. What I wanted to was use design to magnify the blend - its color and sensorial qualities - as much as possible".

Marc Newson
A Bold Reinterpretation
A Bold Reinterpretation

Marc Newson creates a bold reinterpratation of the iconic decanter designed in 1947 by injecting his own personality: "Straight lines seemed to me a more modern interpretation of what already existed", explains the designer."To me, the stripes really emphasize the strength of the decanter's shape. When they catch the light, they highlight both the bottle and the contents, making the whole feel warmer and more tactile. Taken together, all of these design elements are meant to convey the unique, immersive experience of X.O."

Food pairing:
Pair with light fish and vegetable dishes


Begin with a simple starter of oven-cooked king prawns.


A fillet of sea bass, served on a bed of buttery sautéed leeks, is a rich yet delicate compliment.


A molten chocolate cake with custard alongside is a perfect match.