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Hennessy Cognac VSOP Jeroboam 3L

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Hennessy V.S.O.P

Gift box with jeroboam - 3L

Hennessy V.S.O.P

Gift box with jeroboam - 3L
  • Product Details

    V.S.O.P, a strong and smooth cognac, exemplifies the savoir-faire of Hennessy and is perfect for mixing. A jeroboam ensures this harmonious blend will last and last. The ideal expression of a perfectly balanced cognac, Hennessy V.S.O.P originated from an order placed in 1817 by the future King George IV of the United Kingdom for a “Very Superior Old Pale” cognac.
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Serve neat, on the rocks or with a dash of water, in a highball or in a cocktail
    • Service temperature - Room temperature
    • When to drink - Ready to drink
    • Storage advice - Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place
    • Closure - Cap With Cork
    • Health warning - Contains sulphites
    • Alcohol by volume - 40.0%
  • Blend and Origin

    Hennessy V.S.O.P

    The first V.S.O.P – and still a favourite throughout the world ­– Hennessy V.S.O.P is a reflection of the enduring expertise of the Hennessy Tasting Committee and the Master Blender. Made using a blend of eaux-de-vie that are between four and 15 years old, and mostly matured in seasoned French oak barrels, it finds the perfect balance between character and smoothness.

Signature cocktail:
French 75

  • 35 mL Hennessy VSOP cognac
  • 25 mL simple syrup
  • 40 mL lemon juice
  • Champagne
  • Lemon twist

Combine cognac, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and pour into a champagne flute.

Top with champagne and garnish with a small piece of lemon peel.