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Hennessy Very Special Cocktails Inspired by Les Twins

Hennessy Very Special pays tribute to its pioneering collaboration with Laurent and Larry Bourgeois — the street movement creators known as “Les Twins” — with two new cocktail creations.

The LIL BEAST COCKTAIL (Laurent) and the CA BLAZE COCKTAIL (Larry) were composed by a mixologist friend of Hennessy, who worked side by side with Les Twins, drawing inspiration from their incredible energy and the many facets of their groundbreaking “Move Out Loud” collaboration.

At home in France, Les Twins’ remarkable ascent have made them household names. To introduce them to a broader, international audience, the mixologist Clément Faure translated each one’s personality through Hennessy Very Special, accentuated with special ingredients: “Larry and Laurent are identical and unique onstage, but they’re very different in life. It’s those nuances that I wanted to interpret in cocktails that reflect their individual character.”


The more reserved “Lil Beast” cocktail by Laurent combines power and softness in flavors evoking his suave, flowing style. The warm, torrefied aromas of Hennessy Very Special are complemented by gourmet notes of almond and nutmeg recalling French pastries, counterbalanced by the acidic tang of lemon juice.



The vibrant, punchy “Ca Blaze” cocktail nods to the speed and precision of the artist’s legwork. A fizzy cocktail with floral, spicy accents, it showcases the full-bodied of Hennessy Very Special, offset by notes of vanilla and elderflower, which has litchi-like tinge. For Larry those aromas resonated with childhood memories. Topped with ginger beer, the cocktail has both kick and fizz, while lime juice contrasts sweetness with a bright, fresh finish.