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Hennessy Cognac Paradis Bottle 70cL

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Hennessy Paradis

Gift box with bottle - 70 cL

Hennessy Paradis

Gift box with bottle - 70 cL
  • Product Details

    Created in 1979, Hennessy Paradis is so named for the Hennessy Founder’s Cellar, where only the finest, rarest and oldest eaux-de-vie are kept. It is a cognac of remarkable depth and elegance. This cognac is made from 100 eaux-de-vie that have been aged for up to 130 years. Expert selection and blending ensure it epitomises harmony, finesse and maturity. It is presented in a stunning decanter by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani.
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Taste neat, in a tulip-shaped tasting glass
    • Service temperature - Room temperature
    • When to drink - Ready to drink
    • Storage advice - Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place
    • Closure - Cap With Cork
    • Alcohol by volume - 40.0%
  • Blend and Origin

    Hennessy Paradis

    The eaux-de-vie used to create Hennessy Paradis are elegant and supple, with a delicate floral thread. A long maturation period integrates the character of the oak casks in which the eaux-de-vie are housed, and a precise blending of around 100 specially selected eaux-de-vie ensures a voluptuous, sublime cognac with incomparable finesse and spectacular intensity.

The creation of an exceptionally rare cognac

In search of a harmonious blend
In search of a harmonious blend

Created in 1979 by Maurice Fillioux, Hennessy Paradis is the summation of 100 unparalled eaux-de-vie blended into one ultra-refined, luxury cognac. Drawing from the expertise of the craftsmen who came before and the exquisite reserves of eaux-de-vie in the Founder’s Cellar, Fillioux, a sixth-generation blender, created his own unique blend. Fillioux was also a lover of music, and, during his more than 30 years overseeing the creation of Hennessy cognacs, he involved the maison in many musical partnerships. It is no surprise, then, that Paradis is a harmonious blend – a symphony of flavours.

Where the rarest rest
Where the rarest rest

The paradis is a cognac maison’s most venerated cellar, where the oldest, most precious eaux-de-vie are stored. Hennessy’s paradis was set up by Richard Hennessy, the maison’s founder, in a small warehouse on the River Charente in 1774. Acquired by his successors in 1850, it was subsequently renamed the Founder’s Cellar – and eight generations of the Hennessy family have kept the rarest spirits here. The cellar is a timeless testimony to unique know-how, where the eaux-de-vie, some more than a century old, rest until they achieve their point of elegance and are ready to be blended into the finest cognacs.

With age comes excellence
With age comes excellence

The superlative yet subtle quality of Hennessy Paradis is as much a result of how the eaux-de-vie are aged as how old they are. Initially matured in casks, the subtle aromas of the oak help to create a harmonious balance with the finesse of the spirit contained. These very old casks, freed of their most powerful tannins, gradually impart their splendid array of copper and gold tones and complex flavours. The eaux-de-vie are then blended, or moved into glass demi-johns to await blending into the finely nuanced and harmoniously balanced Paradis.

Food pairing:
Pair with creamy and classic dishes


Grilled blue lobster tails in a creamy mascarpone sauce are a brilliant match.


For a main course, pair this cognac with slow-cooked guinea fowl dressed with a Sichuan pepper jus.


Finish with something fruity and nutty, such as a nougat glacé with almonds, pistachios and candied fruits.