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Hennessy NBA Basketball Ice Mould


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If you prefer to drink your Hennessy NBA limited-edition cognac on the rocks, a slow-melting ice sphere, shaped like a basketball, is a playful way to keep your drink cool without diluting the flavours.
This silicone ice mould allows you to turn out four perfectly formed, highly detailed basketball-shaped ice spheres. Simply fill the mould with water, freeze and open to release the ice basketballs. Instructions for use:
  • Close both parts of the mould tightly
  • Fill with water through the top hole
  • Expert tip: Boil the water before freezing to obtain clear ice cubes
  • To unmould, separate the two parts of the mould, and enjoy your favourite Hennessy on ice
Bottle with gift box - 70 cL
Hennessy V.S.O.P NBA Limited Edition Season 3
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Hennessy NBA Basketball Ice Mould
1 Ice Mould