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Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky The Original Bottle 70cL

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Complimentary nominated day delivery on orders over £140

Glenmorangie The Original

Gift box with bottle - 70 cL

Glenmorangie The Original

Gift box with bottle - 70 cL
  • Product Details

    A 10-year-old single malt ideal for newcomers to whisky as well as connoisseurs, The Original is the truest definition of the Glenmorangie house style – elegant and floral, soft, mellow and creamy. Distilled in the tallest stills in Scotland, this single malt is characterised by softness and complexity – a pleasing paradox that has helped this blend set a high bar for Highland whisky.
  • How to enjoy

    • The perfect serve - Enjoy neat, with a little water or 2-3 large rocks of ice
    • Service temperature - Room temperature
    • When to drink - Ready to drink
    • Storage advice - Store upright in a cool, dark, dry place
    • Closure - Cap With Cork
    • Alcohol by volume - 40.0%
  • Blend and Origin

    Glenmorangie The Original

    The Original is double distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, then matured for 10 years in first- and second-fill American ex-bourbon casks, including remarkable, air-dried bespoke “designer casks” from Missouri. During this stage, the whisky develops flavours of peach and vanilla and finds the perfect, complex balance that characterises the house style.

Signature cocktail:
Long Zest


  • 50 mL Glenmorangie The Original whisky
  • ½ flat barspoon of molasses sugar
  • 3 drops Angostura bitters
  • 75 mL high quality ginger ale
  • Garnish: flamed orange zest


Add the whisky and bitters into an old fashioned/rocks glass over ice, and stir.

Top with the ginger ale, flame an orange peel to express the oils, then add as a garnish.


Masséna Tumbler glass by Baccarat