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Expert Tips for Zero-Waste Cocktails

We have partnered with our friends over at Seedlip or Æcorn to bring you tips and tricks for zero ABV, no waste cocktails. Making cocktails at home can be a surprisingly wasteful activity. Often, recipes call for only limited use of certain ingredients. (Think about how much of a lemon goes in the bin if you’re only using the peel!) So, re-using ingredients where possible, and repurposing where appropriate, will lead to less waste without sacrificing great flavour.



One of our favourite solutions is to use a homemade ingredient called a “shrub”. A shrub is a traditional way of preserving fruits and vegetables, using vinegar and sugar, and makes a delicious addition to a simple highball cocktail. We’ve made shrubs using various ingredients, from leftover carrot peels to end-of-season blackberries. Shrubs are a great way to preserve produce; and added to Seedlip or Æcorn and some soda water in a highball glass over ice, makes for a delicious and simple cocktail.


Beyond cocktails at home, we see bartenders across the country actively designing drinks menus around the seasonality of produce, especially using certain local ingredients at particular times of the year, which is fantastic. At Seedlip this has always been one of the key factors when desigining their bi-annual seasonal serves, but they also wanted to take this idea further.

They're developing serve ideas and masterclass concepts that focus on seasonality and on reducing food waste. For example, they've really enjoyed a simple masterclass they've been delivering during lockdown that they call 'Grapefruit Three-Ways'. In the class, they make three simple, delicious cocktails with Seedlip Spice 94 as the base, which incorporates a single Pink Grapefruit using three different techniques to make sure they get the most out of the produce and end up with as little waste as possible.


Remove the zest from your grapefruit in wide flat strips with a vegetable peeler and cut it into segments.

Put aside your most appealing peel. This will be the garnish for your first cocktail, the Seedlip Spice 94 & Tonic.

Seedlip Spice 94 & Tonic


Mr Howard


Grapefruit Gimlet