Vintage 2015

Unwavering Presence

Born from an exceptionally contrasted year, Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 reveals an unwavering presence. This is a Dom Pérignon Vintage that brings us emotions in turn stimulating, then soothing. Stimulating thanks to a subtle bitterness, a way of touching, of commanding attention. Then the inner generosity unfurls in a lasting vibration, a soothing granular structure, seeking to project itself towards the horizon.

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Make your bottle unique. Indulge in a truly exceptional experience with the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015, where luxury meets personalisation. Elevating the art of gifting, the possibility to personalise this exquisite champagne with three initials comes as a remarkable gesture, exceptionally available at no extra cost.

About food pairing

"The character of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2015 is expressed to the full with seafood such as caviar, king crab and langoustine. This wine can also be served with meats enhanced by a touch of acidity, such as pork, lamb or duck. Exotic fruit, kiwi or guava, along with green curry spices will reveal the stimulating, soothing and tactile power of this vintage wine. "

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