Crafted with passion

Showcasing the passion and savoir-faire of five women from our Maisons. Discover a hand-picked selection of quality wines, champagnes, and whiskeys.


“The outstanding quality of Moët & Chandon, not only in champagne-making, but also in Viticulture, hospitality, and presentation, is definitely the result of the dedication and attention that each of us invests in our activities daily.”

Marie-Christine Osselin

Wine Experience Manager at Moët & Chandon

Having grown up in Provence, a region in the South of France where vineyards are abundant, Marie-Christine Osselin took an interest in wine from a young age. After studying Biology and then working in a laboratory, she decided to continue her studies in Quality Management before joining Moët & Chandon in 2016.

Today, Marie-Christine is Wine Experience Manager at Moët & Chandon. Driven by passion, enthusiasm, and a dedication to the legacy of the Maison, she plays an integral role in the team. In charge of communicating Moët & Chandon’s wine savoir-faire, she also assists in wine tasting, blending tasting, and works closely with winegrowers, ensuring the level of quality is always at its highest standard. Traveling the world to better understand various markets, she has had the opportunity to meet new people and discover new cuisines to pair with their champagne.


Marie-Christine’s selection

Selected with passion

“I really enjoy hosting people and cooking for them at home is a real pleasure. I would choose a Grand Vintage from Moët & Chandon for a dinner with wine lovers and an elaborate cuisine.”


“We are passionate people, deeply rooted, proud of our lands, of the people and community we work with, the sparkling wines we craft.”

Ana Paula Bartolucci

Winemaker at CHANDON and Creator of CHANDON Garden Spritz

Ana Paula Bartolucci grew up in Mendoza, a region at the foothills of the Andes Mountains that is surrounded by vineyards and wineries. Having fallen in love with winemaking after an internship at a local cellar, she went on to break boundaries, becoming the first female winemaker in CHANDON’s 60-year history in Argentina.

Today, Ana Paula is an Oenologist at CHANDON. Passionate about nature and creating recipes, she has spent the last four years leading the Innovation and Research team in perfecting the Chandon Garden Spritz, a bubbly aperitif that showcases winemaking savoir-faire and locally sourced oranges, herbs, and spices. Inspired by childhood memories of her grandmother's garden and the fresh fruits she used to make liquors, creating the Garden Spritz was like making perfume, using trial and error to find the perfect balance of ingredients.


Ana Paula's Selection

Selected with passion

The Chandon Garden Spritz is perfect for an aperitif gathering my friends in my garden. It is delicious, with the best sparkling wine and the most unique bitter-liqueur 100% crafted using oranges. No artificial flavors and no artificial colors. All my friends are nuts about it and I am particularly proud of my creation!


“Passion for me is an engine that moves a huge amount of energy to constantly defy my own limits. And the best part is sharing that energy with others to create an environment that pushes all of us towards what motivates us all.”

Daniela Mezzatesta

R&D and Sustainability Manager at Terrazas de los Andes

Daniela Mezzatesta is from Argentina, where she spent summers at her grandfather’s farm in San Rafael, Mendoza, in close proximity to nature and vineyards. It is therefore no surprise that she decided to study Agronomy.

Currently Research & Development and Sustainability Manager at Terrazas de los Andes, she is motivated by working with like-minded people to create a positive impact on the environment and local communities. Her role is key, as all of their vineyards are in the process of transitioning to organic cultivation and are shifting towards biodynamic practices and non-chemical pest management. One of Daniela’s biggest challenges is to protect the magic of the native flora and fauna through ongoing initiatives developed with research institutions. In order to achieve this, she works collaboratively with the company’s internal viticultural, oenology, sustainability teams, and the interdisciplinary research teams, pooling together their various expertise.


Daniela's Selection

Selected with passion

“This is the picture of the perfect Malbec, the one that always fits. It is delicious for both, people really knowledgeable about wines and those that don’t analyze it that much and just want to enjoy the moment. It represents a Malbec from Mendoza, like if when talking about Argentina, you mention “empanadas” or “tango”.”