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Collins Cocktails

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Oddly enough, the Tom Collins started as a wide-spread prank which took New York by storm. The prank would start with the question "Have you seen Tom Collins?", the prankster would then proceed to say that a man named Tom Collins is going around town talking badly about the victim in order to irritate them enough and have them go look for this fictitous man. The joke wasn't exactly sophisticated but became all the rage in New York and Philadephia and gained such notoriety that it was named the Tom Collins Hoax of 1874. In an opportunistic marketing move, a bartender took advantage of the joke so that whenever someone asked if they could find Tom Collins at his bar, he could reply affirmatively and prepare the drink with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda.

But before the hoax, there was already another Collins, John Collins made with genever, a Dutch gin, and since then the Collins family has expanded and seen plenty of variations, from the rum-based Charlie Collins to the Vodka Collins and the Whisky Collins. The collins has become such an iconic cocktail that it gave its name to a type of glass (highball).

Vodka Collins Recipes

  • Citrus
  • Wild Berry
  • Blackberry

Whisky Collins Recipes