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Citrus Collins

An 1800s American gin classic, the Collins has just got a chic new upgrade, zesty with plenty of Miami cool. Those who haven’t jetted off to faraway climes yet can sit back and let the sweet honey, tangy South Floridian grapefruit juice mixed with Belvedere Vodka and topped with fizzy soda, transport you to sun-kissed South Beach. Slung over a cane-backed chair on a terrace on Ocean Drive patio, patrons sip on a vibrant Citrus Collins to the sound of the fans whirring above, mingling with the light chatter of other guests and the soft ding of steel stirrers hitting the sides of crystal tumblers.


How to mix a Citrus Collins – the step by step recipe

  • Place four ice cubes in a highball glass.
  • Combine honey, fresh grapefruit juice and Belvedere Citrus Vodka and ice in a shaker.
  • Shake and strain in a highball glass filled with ice
  • Top up with soda and and garnish with a lemon wedge


  • Shaker
  • Strainer


  • Highball Glass


  • 45 mL Belvedere Citrus
  • 20 mL grapefruit juice
  • 15 mL honey
  • Club soda


  • Lemon wedge