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The Epicurean: meet our host Cecilia Dean | Journal19 | Clos19 UK

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The Epicurean

Cecilia Dean, Fashion & Art Publisher

Cecilia Dean, co-founder of the art and fashion publication Visionaire, together with Stephanie Watine Arnault, founder and CEO of Clos19, held an intimate dinner party to celebrate the launch of Clos19 in New York.

Cecilia welcomed her guests into the world of Clos19 through her creative direction on the art of hosting. She took the theme of Bring them in by asking each of her selected guests to invite someone new who would then widen the circle.

Watch Cecilia’s take on the art of hosting:

“We live in a world that’s so fast-paced, we are all doing a thousand things. Every once in a while, it’s really important to regroup with the people around you who are meaningful in your life. I love to be an instigator for that and I think that’s what a host does. They instigate community.” –

By Cecilia Dean from Visionaire World.