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Imagine, if you will, a winter’s morning in Paris; your coat wrapped tightly around you as the icy wind tries to tear it from your grip. Yearning for shelter, you stumble across an old building clad in ivy; an ancient boulangerie, emitting the most intoxicating, exquisite aroma. Tasting Hennessy Fine de Cognac is like stepping into the bakery of your childhood dreams…

The first thing that hits you is the smell; freshly baked brioche mingling with creamy, hot milk and pastry. Your mind wanders back to the care-free days of your childhood in the most comforting, Proustian manner; your mouth watering as you spy neat rows of perfectly sculpted macaroons in an array of pastel colours. On the counter sits a basket of madeleines; their exquisite, sweet sponge fragrant with orange blossom. These delectable, evocative aromas mirror your first encounter with Hennessey’s most delicate cognac..

Feeling hungry, you decide to stay and taste, taking a seat in the corner, past the ancient wooden tables and the smoky log fire, to a worn, leather Chesterfield sofa. As you sink into its golden mahogany seat, you recall the palate of Hennessey Fine de Cognac with its soothing warmth and mellow notes of spice and honey; the perfect blend of an elegant structure with pure comfort and charm.

As you finish your café au lait and nibble the remaining morsels of candied lemon and grilled almonds from your plate, you smile at a new memory created; one that will linger for some time yet, just like the final notes of this beautiful cognac.