Bodega Numanthia Wine Decanter


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This elegant decanter, made from crystal and bearing the Bodega Numanthia name, has a wide base and long neck – creating maximum optimum breathing room for your wine. Whether you are seeking to remove sediment from an aged wine, or simply looking to release the aromas and complexity of a young red, this decanter will do the job beautifully.
The best way to decant wine is first to leave the bottle standing for a day to allow sediment to settle. When ready to decant, remove the wine’s cork and pour it slowly and steadily – without stopping – into your decanter, leaving any sediment behind and ensuring optimum aeration. A young wine will probably have little sediment and may skip the first step. Instead you may want to open the bottle and leave it rest in the decanter a couple of hours in advance. Make sure it is left in a room with the right service temperature.
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Bodega Numanthia Wine Decanter