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Belvedere Pomme Highball

Best described as short drinks served tall, Highballs are a type of simple cocktail, fundamentally consisting of a spirit and a carbonate (tonic or soda etc) served in a low capacity, tall, ice-filled glass (or Highball glass). Unlike a Collins or a Fizz, traditionally these didn’t contain fruit juice, although this rule has become increasingly diluted and we think that the addition of apple juice and a dash of lime sets this drink apart.


Single Serve Ingredients:

  • 35 mL Belvedere vodka
  • 50 mL apple juice
  • 15 mL lime juice
  • 10 mL sugar syrup
  • Turmeric-dusted cucumber slice, to garnish

Single Serve Method:

  • Pour all ingredients into a highball filled with ice, stir well and garnish with a turmeric-dusted cucumber slice to finish.

Brunch Jar Batch Ingredients:

  • 400 mL Belvedere vodka
  • 600 mL pressed apple juice
  • 200 mL lime juice
  • 100 mL sugar syrup
  • 500 mL soda water
  • Tumeric dusted cucumber slices

Brunch Jar Batch Method:

  • Add all ingredients into the Belvedere Brunch Jar. Fill with ice. Stir to combine. Add ice to glasses. Ready to serve!