Set of 6 glasses

Ao Yun Riedel Wine Glasses


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Ao Yun and renowned crystal maker Riedel partneRed to design a unique glass, created specifically to enhance the tasting experience of the first wine of the Himalayas. Tasting Ao Yun in its bespoke glass highlights the balance of fruit and intensity, as well as the silky texture and rounded tannins of this wine.
The larger bowl of the glass was specifically designed to better oxygenate the wine. Since Ao Yun is vinified at altitude with 25% less oxygen, it requires more contact with the air prior to tasting. The Ao Yun glass is designed to reveal Ao Yun at its best.
Bottle - 75 cL
Ao Yun 2017
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Ao Yun Riedel Wine Glasses
Set of 6 glasses