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A Clos19 Guide to the Champagne Region

We all dream of traveling again so why not plan your future visit to the enchanting Champagne region in France with our guide. Discover the beautiful cities of Reims and Épernay and the champagne maisons that make this area famous.


Visiting the Champagne Region

The Champagne region holds a special place in the hearts of wine lovers, who often get misty eyed thinking about the beautiful historical maisons, the lush slopes of the vineyards and, of course, the idea of champagne tasting. Located just 45 minutes from Paris by train, the Champagne region is easy to visit for a long weekend or even a day trip from the French capital, once we can all travel again. Most visitors opt to stay in Reims or Épernay and arrive armed with the Louis Vuitton City Guide Reims. The world’s best-known champagne houses are located in or close to these two cities.

Discover Dom Pérignon

Named after a Benedictine monk who was a key figure in the story of champagne’s existence, Dom Pérignon only produces vintage champagnes. Visits to the house are by private appointment only, but in the town of Hautvillers you can pay your respects at the abbey where Dom Pérignon himself is buried.

Tour Maison Veuve Clicquot

Located south of the centre of Reims, Veuve Clicquot makes a bold first impression with a glowing staircase that leads visitors to the maison’s subterranean cellars and library, where the wines are aged. Here you’ll learn about the inimitable Madame Clicquot and see how champagne is clarified on a riddling table, an instrument that she invented more than 200 years ago. Back above ground, tour the modern winery and taste the maison’s pinot noir-focussed champagnes.

Explore Moët & Chandon

The underground cellars at Moët & Chandon’s Épernay winery span 17 miles, and house both Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon bottles. Moët & Chandon owns a staggering number of vineyards in the region, and this is a great place to tour and taste rosé, brut and vintage champagnes.

Visit the Ruinart Crayères

Ruinart was the first established champagne house in the Champagne region and its cellars, or crayères are legendary. This network of cool, white chalk galleries is located 38 metres underground, and houses all the champagne the maison has laid down to age. It was classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

Experience Krug Champagnes

The house of Krug has been owned by the Krug family since 1843 and is open to visitors. A tour starts in the lounge where you’ll get to see the cherry-red notebook in which founder Joseph Krug kept his blending notes. The wall of 400 wines is where those considered for blending are on display, each bottle representing a different vineyard plot. Finally, head below ground to the cellars to see where all the Krug reserve wines and champagnes destined to become the next release are kept until they reach their optimum expression.