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4 ways to be more sustainable this Christmas

Make room under your (locally grown) Christmas tree for green gifts that will help reduce your carbon footprint this festive season…


Having a sustainable Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t buy gifts for your loved ones – simply be more intentional and mindful with what you buy, who you buy it from and how you wrap it. Here are four easy ways to be more sustainable this Christmas.

1. Sustainable gifting this Christmas

Not only are unwanted gifts a waste of money but they’re a waste of resources, too, so rewrite the gift-giving rules. Rather than lots of smaller gifts, buy one really special gift for the one you love, such as these premium bottles.

Serious collectors will enjoy Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010 Lady Gaga Limited Edition – after more than a decade in the cellars, it’s developed full aromas and flavours with energetic bubbles.

If red wine is more their thing, go for Château Cheval Blanc 2011, an exquisite wine that can be enjoyed now or put away for another 20 years.

Put a smile on the face of a cognac connoisseur with a bottle of Hennessy Paradis. A cognac of remarkable depth and elegance, it’s presented in a stunning decanter by Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani.

If you go down the one-present-only route, that’s not to say you shouldn’t continue with your stocking filler ritual. Swap single-use novelty gifts for reusable, useful items such as champagne bottle stoppers and hand-blown glass straws.

2. Choose a sustainable producer this Christmas

Use your consumer power to support brands that strive to be more sustainable and are making a positive difference.

For pioneers of sustainable packaging that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, look no further than Ruinart , which has replaced its gift boxes with Second Skin – an entirely recyclable, plastic-free casing that’s reduced Ruinart’s carbon footprint by 60%. Also worth mentioning are customisable metal gift boxes by Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot that double up as extra gifts.

When it comes to sustainable winemaking, Terrazas de los Andres in Argentina is making great strides in water conservation, using drip irrigation in 90% of their vineyards. Glenmorangie is leading the way when it comes to collaborating with local and global conservation organisations, committing to helping conserve giraffes in the wild and pioneering the return of extinct oysters to Scottish seas, too.

3. Buy a gift that can be upcycled

Some things are just too beautiful to throw away, and no brand knows this better than Eminente, a Cuban rum with a delicate crocodile-skin design on its glass bottle. Eminente Reserva Aged 7 Years, can be repurposed to create a new gift, such as a candle, flower vase, water jug, scent diffuser or a glass for sipping your rich and smooth Cuban rum.

4. Go green and ditch the gift wrap

If you feel a twinge of guilt seeing a mountain of wrapping paper discarded on Christmas Day, imagine that same scenario taking place in many households around the world. Worrying, right? And that’s before you consider the problems with wrap and cards covered in glitter (a microplastic that won’t recycle) and sealed with tape made from polypropylene that’s not widely recycled. Instead, choose a gift that comes in an attractive wooden gift box that can be reused as storage. Krug is a pioneer in protective wooden cases to transport fine champagne, and the Krug Soloist to Orchestra not only looks great but comes with three bottles of champagne.