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Four of the best Scottish whiskies for winter

Looking for a premium Scotch whisky to drink during the winter? Mark the change of seasons and the run-up to the festive season with our pick of the best Scottish whiskies for the time of year.


1. A whisky to enjoy on its own

When it’s cold and dark outside, the whisky that most appeals is one that’s peaty, almost medicinal and redolent of a bonfire on a windswept Scottish beach. Try a single malt from Islay, such as Ardbeg Corryvreckan – a rich whisky with a kick on the finish. Designed to be sipped slowly and savoured, you’ll get loads of smoky flavours as well as the iodine and salt of the sea.

2. A whisky to serve alongside a feast

It might not be as common a pairing for food as wine, but whisky is an excellent drink to serve alongside a meal. The food you’re serving will determine which whisky works best. Lighter whiskies go well with seafood dishes, young cheeses and fruity puddings. Whiskies with a moderate to medium intensity pair well with roasted meats and medium-bodied cheese, and peaty, full-bodied whiskies can enhance smoked dishes, rich chocolatey desserts and strong blue cheeses. At this time of year, when thoughts turn to roasted game and slow-cooked one-pot recipes, try Glenmorangie Lasanta – its spicy notes hold up strongly to meat.

3. A whisky to mix into a winter cocktail

While you won’t want to use a very expensive, exclusive whisky to make a cocktail, you shouldn’t use any old drop. The quality of the whisky dictates the quality of the cocktail, so you want a decent all-rounder (nothing too smoky or peaty) that you’d be happy to drink on its own. Glenmorangie X is ideal – its sweeter taste pairs perfectly with mixers. Try these six simple cocktail recipes with Scotch whisky Glenmorangie X.

4. A gift for whisky lovers

Whether you’re buying for an ardent whisky drinker or a budding enthusiast, you’ll want a gift that will make a splash. A tasting set will encourage a whisky expert to try something new and help a newbie to pin down their preferred style. Glenmorangie’s Core Expressions Set, which comprises four of its most iconic whiskies, is a great way for enthusiasts to explore different styles. Meanwhile, the Clos19 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Discovery Duo highlights both Glenmorangie’s Highland elegance and Ardbeg’s intense Islay peatiness.